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Conscience Kitchen is dedicated to sustainable nutritious meals without any compromise on the taste. 

Creating a well-balanced meal regardless of which diet you are on inspired by our Egyptian colourful heritage reflected on our dishes vibrancy and taste.  

We have created our dishes across all our menus adding nutritional value as much as possible, as we believe that food that you eat affects your mood. Using seasonal vegetables sourced predominantly from the UK and Free-range dairy, game, and meats. We care so much about creating a balanced diet no matter which diet you are on.


Mixed Seasonal Leaves

3 cups



Avocado Mash 


Protein Enriched Sushi Rice  


Ethical sourced Salmon 

Fiber is not only wholemeal bread. We think more Avocados, Grains & even more greens. 

On average our meal boxes have 20 % Fiber content 

Our Meals are very green and we are not about to change it

in fact always thinking of creatively adding more & we brought back ancient grains that have been used as a source of fiber for centuries.   


Four Pillars Philosophy 


We need Calcium for healthy teeth & bones Absolutely! but also need it to digest fat & regulate muscle contractions.

On average our meal boxes have 19% Calcium content 

Calcium is found in abundance in a variety of Greens not only dairy. We always include a variety of Calcium sourcing throughout our menu 


We believe it's crucial for any balanced meal to have at least 25% of its content made up of protein source. 

On average our meal boxes have 60 % protien content 

Even if you are on a plant-based diet we will never give a plate of lettuce or a bowl of rice. 


We Scraped out all forms of empty carbs replaced it with Complex Carbs with optimum nutritional value.

On average our meal boxes have 10% Carbohydrate content 

no matter what diet you are on we will never place anything beige on your plate only Color & vibrancy.

Founder & Executive Chef



I have created Conscience Kitchen as an environmentally and Health -conscious mother not as a Head Chef believing that looking out for our planet is the best and quickest way to look out for our health. both elements are inseparable and interdependent. As a mum of two I worry about the legacy I will leave behind and what legacy my children would leave for their children. Food waste and unethical food production are one of the biggest factor contributing to co2 emissions damaging our planet and our health. 


Funny enough my journey to a more Ethical eating and living took me back to my roots where my ancestors lived and dependant on seasonal produce that had high nutritional value incorporating all the local foods that they had creating magnificent meals to nourish their families and being grateful for every ingredient that they had, using everything from a humble fresh herb to bones wasting absolutely nothing .


My profession as a Chef may have added to me but it is nothing compared to knowledge, love, appreciation, and respect for food that I learned from my wonderful Egyptian mum and the women in her family they carry burdens on their shoulder and still manage to cook with love, making anyone that taste their food filled with warmth and happiness.

I would like to celebrate these women and their legacy sharing the happiness they have created putting a smile on your face everytime you eat at conscience

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